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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

~ Can You Reach Us? by Romilly King ~ Review & Excerpt

Author: Romilly King
Title: Can You Reach Us?
Series: The Outreach 2 (can read as standalone)
Pages: 140
Release date: 2021 February 5
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Rating: ★★★★★


“Before you ask, he can’t speak, and before you try it, we’re never separated.”

Those are the first words Trent says to every new person thrust into his and Micah’s life.

Not everyone listens.

So far this place is different. There has been a warm bed and soft clothes. There’s filling food and, blessings indeed, a hot shower. For once he is clean, and Micah, when he curls around him, doesn’t smell like dirt and sweat and tears.

Trent thinks this must be limbo, but a nice one, not like the one they were expecting.

He’s not going to assume it will last, but he’ll take it while he can, get his strength back to face the next threat thrown at them.

They’ve heard a lot of promises, Trent and Micah, but the serious man with the sad eyes insists he’s going to fight for them, so they can stay together, and he says that nothing that has happened so far was their fault.

Trent finds that difficult to believe. Nobody has said that before, because it has always been their fault, right from the start.

Can you reach us? The Outreach Series, Book 2 is a hurt/comfort age gap gay romance by Romilly King, author of the Delphic Agency and Handled Series. It features a grieving Daddy dom who needs to let himself act on his instincts, and two traumatised young men who are desperate to be cared for.

Trigger warning for adult scenes, abusive behaviour, homophobic language, and depression.

My review: 


"We are a perfect triangle and they say that's the strongest shape." 


Yes and million more time yes! 

This book was the perfect bit of daddy kink and taboo. There were steamy spanking scenes, little touches and kisses, a cuddly sweet boy and an ace-romantic protective brother, and the best, a lumberjack Daddy who lost his husband. 

These three were so adorable together, I loved how Andrew handled everything and haven't jumped into everything without overthinking those things. Adrew is such a good Daddy, I want to cuddle him too! And do other things with him too.... 

"He's a Daddy dominant, zero markers for sadism, intense need to nurture and a strong caretaker."


The story was in dual POV - Andrew and Trent - and I wanted a bit from Micah's view too, but I think it's better we not, he is so naughty and a bit bratty, he totally would have stole the show. But anyway, I loved Micah so much, he is so adorable and affectionate. And the fact that Micah is mute and can't speak, aww poor baby! 

"Micah has a heart big enough for the whole world and despite all that has been done to him Micah is so quick to love, so ready and desperate to love."


It was so good to see other characters from other books, almost the whole Delphic Agency were there, but Birch is still one of my favorite! 

The romance was slow burn, but it was better this way. I really loved that about Andrew - he is a Daddy through and through, and I loved that he wanted the DD/lb relationship to be sexual, but was afraid of the power exchange. 

"Obviously being a Daddy in a sexual relationship is the best..."


"It's a beautiful dynamic when it works, a Daddy and his boy."

Trent was lovely too, his struggle and insecurities, but the only thing he wanted was Micah's happiness above all thing. His love toward Micah is so pure. And when they've been taught about kinks and Daddy things, and after they realised they need a Daddy, ahh so, so sweet! The Daddy/boy scenes were my favorite, especially the bath scene. I love when a Daddy takes care of his boy/s. And the spankings, wow!

"I didn't know calling him Daddy would feel so good." 

"Every time his hand lands on my ass I feel a little better. I feel sorry, and sorry feels good." 


The bit of taboo side of the story was so sweet. It's was love on every page and you could see the love in every touch and every interaction between them. They don't recognize it and take it normal, and I loved that Andrew wasn't grossed out either. So well written. It was just as every love should be between two or more consenting adults. Beautiful. And I can't wait to read the full taboo bonus, ahhh!

"Seems subs are double hard bastards. Never mess with a sub."


 Ps. I highlighted 18 notes. Just sayin'.



Micah is sobbing dramatically and I am having none of it.
Tears spill from his huge eyes, he looks like his own Manga character, his lashes all spiky and his mouth open as he sobs.

Trent on the other hand is frozen faced and has a towel pressed to his hand where Micah bit it.

“You, sit!” I plonk Micah on the kitchen stool and grab Trent and shove his hand under the tap, running water over the bite. It’s not bad but it broke the skin and human bites are a pain in the ass, they invariably infect because we’re gross bacterial breeding grounds if you think about it - I try not to.

“It was an accident,” Trent says, “He wouldn’t hurt me, not on purpose.”

“Maybe not,” I say grimly, “But he was told to stop and he carried on.”

I pull the first aid kit from the cupboard under the sink and dry Trent’s hand off before I wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe and dab it with antibiotic ointment.

“Right,” I turn to Micah, “You know what comes next don’t you.”
Micah narrows his eyes at me and hisses. I would laugh if I didn’t have such control. He looks like an angry kitten.

“Pants down and bend over the stool, Micah.” I put all my authority in my voice.

“But…” Trent starts to speak but I hold my hand up to stop him.

Micah clambers off the stool and turns his back on us. He pushes his sweats and shorts down and bends over the stool.

“Grab the stool legs,” I tell him, “It will help you.”

“I can’t watch this.” Trent sounds truly distressed.

I turn to him and wink, broadly, and his eyes go round with surprise. I roll my eyes and make it clear that I am neither particularly angry nor surprised by Micah’s behaviour.

Moving slowly I lift Micah’s t-shirt and tuck it up on his back leaving his pale round buttocks on display.

“You know what you’ve done wrong, don’t you Micah?” I say sternly.

He makes garbled noises and shakes his head violently. I move in front of him and squat so I can make eye contact. 

“I know you want this, Micah,” I tell him quietly, “I know that biting your brother was you asking for something you need.” He freezes, his mouth clamping shut. “You just bit him harder than you meant to, and that’s what happens when you don’t listen and you go too far to try to get what you want.”
His expression is stricken now. Busted.

“You’re going to get spanked Micah, and it will hurt, but then it will be over and everything will be forgiven. But in future, if you need something you ask for it properly, not by being a little shit. Okay?”
Tears are streaming down his face now, genuine ones, not like the howls he produced earlier in a desperate bid to get the wrong type of attention.

He nods his head and I lean in to press a kiss to his forehead. He lets out a quiet sob.

“Ten spanks, Micah, and then early to bed.” He nods again, sobbing quietly.

Boys are tricky. They get desperate and they produce the wrong behaviour asking for the right things. I love nothing more than working out what it is they really need and why and then giving it to them.

This is where I am totally in my dynamic, my domination humming away efficiently and my Daddy front and centre in my brain, making the right call.

I run my hand over the sweet curve of Micah’s ass. The skin is smooth and warm, and goosebumps rise in the wake of my touch.

“Trent is going to count these for me,” I turn to him and he nods, trying to keep his face impassive but biting at his lip. I give him a reassuring smile.

I bring my open palm down on the right cheek of Micah’s ass. He grunts at the impact and the flesh jiggles under my hand - beautiful.

“One.” Trent’s voice is low and thick.

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