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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

COVER REVEAL ~ Can you reach us? by Romilly King


Can you reach us?

The Outreach book 2

by Romilly King

Release date: February 5

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Catch up on the series with Can You See Me? :

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I quit...

I quit because I can tell you every stage of grief there is. I can point you towards a hundred different ways to say goodbye and keep on keeping on. I can tell you which part of your brain activates when you mourn and why. I am a legitimate f**king expert. And yet I still cry until I throw up.

I quit because I can get up in the morning and see the sunrise is all glorious chords of colour and the air smells like summer coming on. I can think, Nailing it today Andrew, you’re getting there, the world is still wondrous. And then I will hear one bar of a song he once loved and I want it to just all be over.

I quit because I can hear him laughing in my head, I can see him smiling in the sunlight, because during the night I dream of him and during the day his ghost walks beside me. And that’s not good for my students, or my cases, or for me.

I quit because I want to write about us, I want to nail our story to a page and have other people know what he was like, how amazing he was. That’s the only way I can think of to bring him back to life, and have him live forever. And I can’t even get that right.

And then The Outreach calls. Two boys, significant mental trauma, massive confusion, history a mystery - will I take the case? I want to say no, I want to keep cutting logs and staring at a blank screen, but Tony in my head, he says “Do it, people still need the kind of nurture you gave me.”

Can you reach us? Is Book Two of the Outreach Series, it features a grieving caretaker, two boys so splintered that together they make one whole person, and all the resources the Outreach can come up with for this most complicated of cases.

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