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Monday, November 30, 2020

~ Paid to Kneel ~ ♫

Author: Romilly King
Title: Paid to Kneel
Series: Delphic Agency 1
Narrator: Gavin McAllister
Length: 5 hrs 28mins
Release date: 2020 November 18
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Rating: ★★★★★


Sex sells, and Richard is about to find out exactly how much his submission is worth.

Richard is desperate for money. With his father needing long-term care and graduate school looming, he needs a lump sum of cash, and fast. Selling himself via the Delphic Agency seems the quickest way to get ahead of his problems, but to earn the kind of money he needs Richard has to offer more than he bargained for.

Accepting a two-week contract as resident submissive to a man who switches between casual friend and relentless dominant at the drop of a paddle leaves Richard sure of only two things: one, he wants to please this man more than anything, and two, never mind the money, he never wants this to end.

But you don’t buy people from the Delphic Agency, only time. And as Richard falls repeatedly to his knees, time is running out, and Richard is no closer to knowing if the man who has awakened his inner submissive will want more of him or send him on his way.

Paid to Kneel is the first book in the Delphic Agency Series and contains dom/sub elements, plenty of steamy kink exploration, and a surprising amount of love.

My review: 

Oh, my!! 

I LOVED this audio! So much! I finished it with the biggest smile on my face and I wanted to re-listen to it immediately. This audio is so good, the narrator voices is amazing and how he gave life to the characters is so awesome! I loved listening to Richard and Ash.

This book is one of my favorite from the series, but when I read it, I only gave it 4,5 star. But now! Now I give it 5 amazing stars! All the stars, because it was so, so good! Better than I thought it would be. And man, the narrator really has a voice that gives you eargasms!

I had to get back to some scenes and listen to them again and again, because they were that good. I hardly rewind while I'm in the book, but now I had to! And I really have a need in me to just re-listen to this right now. Richard and Ash is so good together♥

My favorite is still that Richard called Ash by his name and not Master or Sir. Ash is the most adorable dom and I loved how he handled Richard in the scenes. So hot and sensual. And with the narrator's voice - phew, I needed one or two cold showers while listening to this.

 Amazing audio, and can't wait to the others. 

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